HMS Beagle near Paglesham

The aerial photograph below shows the probable location of what remains of the HMS Beagle, near Paglesham in Essex. The ship at the bottom right is an unrelated modern day houseboat.

The dock where the HMS Beagle was taken apart is visible as a faint impression to the top left of the houseboat. You can see it more clearly when you compare it with the following 1:10,560 map of Essex from 1880:

The inlet is the dock in which the HMS Beagle sat. The other strange rectangles, visible on both the aerial photograph and the map, are old oyster beds. That this is the correct location is apparent from an article about the discovery which provides ground level shots of the site at low tide and high tide.

Interestingly, another photo by Tim Jones, from his Darwin walk article, indicates that the houseboat might not be there anymore. Perhaps the occupants upped anchor because of all the attention that the site is now receiving?

Sean B. Palmer, 20 Jun 2012