Welcome to Sultaan Business Park


A budget friendly yet exquisite office space for the growth of you business

Dedicated to providing a welcoming and productive environment

Tired of working from Home?

Are you tired of working from home and looking for a professional space to conduct your business? Look no further! Sultaan Business Park provides office spaces for rent on a monthly basis.

Our office spaces are suitable for your business style.

We have a restaurant in the building.

A spacious prayer area is also allocated within the building

We are located in a secured location in the City.



Sultaan Business Park is an exquisite building, completely transforming how business is done in Somalia.

Sultaan Business Park

    Liban Abdi Mohamud

    Local Guide

    This building is for Executive office suites for rent and their different office spaces give you the flexibility to expand at your own budgets.

      Aniso Mumin


      You will be very pleased with the care and pride they take in the interior and exterior appearance of the building.

        Abdi Adow

        Business owner

        Their professional and expeditious response to any issues we encounter allows us to remain focused on the success of our business.

        Why Choose Us

        Giving You The Best Services

        The ultimate in luxury, these breathtaking offices have been designed without compromise and with the utmost attention to detail.

        In a prime position along 21 October Road, before KM4 and close to serene and secure parts of the city, we guarantee your business’ success.